Shark Bay National Park

Shark Bay National Park (above Brewer’s Bay, Tortola) – this is one of the newest national parks in the BVI, and probably the least well-known.  Declared in 1999, the 18.4 acre park on a headland just east of Brewer’s Bay, Tortola, offers hiking for interested eco-tourists.  Visitors will note that the national park which bears its name also refers to the ridge of land which rises above the pounding waves.   The official entrance to Shark Bay National Park is located past an upscale residential area above Brewer’s Bay.  A short walk along a narrow estate road brings you to the park entrance and the trailhead. From this point it is a short walk, 10 minutes at most, to a crossroads where you may choose to head east to the ‘Caves’ or west to the headland.