Sage Mountain National Park

Sage Mountain National Park (Ridge Road, Tortola) – this park covers 92 acres in total, and has much to attract visitors.  Prime amongst these attractions is that the peak of Mount Sage, at 1716 feet, is the highest point in the whole of the British and American Virgin Islands. Most of the park is above 1,000 feet which means that it is almost always cool and damp here – so the air here can be a welcome relief on the hottest of days. Do make sure you come prepared for it to be much cooler than the coast, though.

Some of the forest in Sage Mountain Park has been completely untouched for over 500 years and you can see several rare and endangered plant species at home here. The native trees here include West Indian mahogany, elephant ear vine, bulletwood and Manilkara bidentata.  As you walk through the park you’ll hear many resident birds and the sound of the bo-peeps, the resident tree frogs. There are shelters erected at various points on the trails and a picnic spot on the North Trail. You can pick up a map and further information on your way into the park.